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What’s new:

When you open Microsoft Office, you will immediately notice the new and fresh. However, all features of the old and familiar disappear and be supplemented by new ones to help you work more efficiently.The new application can be used on smartphones, PCs, tablets, and cloud environments, even on computers that do not have a specific set of rooms. Now important files always available to you,popoteWao is and what device or use.

Offers anywhere from verwendenVon

Installing the use of Microsoft.

Using Office software to other computers.

Save files to SkyDrive easily shared.

Use your own configuration,Regardless of where you are.

Store and share files in the cloud. Storage clouds can be used anytime when it is connected to the Internet. Now you can urahisiuhifadhi Office documentsOr to SkyDrive website of the organization, where you can work with documents Word, Excel and other Office files by making a number of other users. Although you can work with other files.

Joint meeting.Connect online meetings and documents Movie PowerPoint Word, Excel and OneNote notes together.

Participants can view the file, even if you have installed a set of ofisinayo.

Optionally begin.Instead, a blank document, you can choose a template or document on your favorite. OneNote allows you to remove the book from the Internet or from computers and discovery.

Easily save and Öffnen.Sie not need much longer to book through dialog.His most files, you will see immediately. You can always repair.

File sharing easy. kilaVigezo is collected in the office software are gathered in one place, which can be opened by selecting the tabFile. Click Sharing.


Meetings are installed native Microsoft Office 2013 and updates applied to three languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian) and more to make two könnenDie installation and configuration details ago.

General information:

Language:English, Russian, Ukrainian Activation: KMSAuto Lite Ratiborus special: Tab Office – switch between documents and boxes (like a browser)

Installation is silence and msp files (folder MSP) and if necessary you can adjust to your taste by using informationOct. On the use of Oct, see the link following: During installation it is recommended to disable solution Antivirus – process happens faster and possibly mafanikioActivation is increasing significantly.

Installation optionssilent * (use):

/ O86U – silent installation of Office (x86) and improved

/ O64U – silent installation of Office (x64) and improved

/ O86N – silent installation of Office (x86) without improving

/ O64N – silent installation of Office (x64) without improvement / V86U – quiet installationVisio (x86) and update / V64U – quiet install Visio (x64) and update / V86N – Silent InstallationVon Visio (x86) without improvement / V64N – installed kimyaVisio (x64) without improvement / P86U – installation Silent (x86) and update / P64U – installation Silent (X64) and improved/ P86N – installation Silent (x86) without improvement / P64N – installation Silent (x64) without improvement / UP2013 – for example, installing hide theme window Progress / O86U / V86N / KMS / bar x86 and improved, Visio x86 without improvementsCheck products – improved installation / KMS – activate / bar – installing office / Sna installing the „office“. For version Close (exe GB) is equal to start the following services Inter-Nos gm2 „% TEMP% OFFICE2013“ / O86U/ V86N / KMS / TAB

File name must be changed and marching.

* Speed ​​is not the product of bits of time (Office Visio x64 and x86)

MS Office 2013