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Most users are familiar with Ad-Aware, then an antispyware application that is more than ten years old around. In version 10 of developers Lavasoft made a leap from spyware for a full-fledged antivirus. In the eleventh version, they improved, and redesigned to make the security suite,They claim that they are significantly superior to all other free antivirus and harmful products.

Slick and intuitive interface

Ad-AwareFree Antivirus + looks clean and easily visible from the streamlined appearance of Windows 8. The installation is fast, although it tries to start scanning afterIntroduction in operation. You can skip this if you want and you with a clean interface that is clear on the individual functions on the left side, namely at home, computer scanning, real-time protection, web protection, network protection, management of the App.

3 types of scanning

Ad-AwareOffers a variety of options for scanning, things are very flexible for the user. There are 3 basic scanning parameters, Fast, Complete and Custom. The custom option is especially beautiful, so you can configure the scan with simple CheckBox inclusions completely. You can alsoPlan verification, should have the opportunity for modern antivirus. Arenda’s scans are particularly fast, but can be suspended if you find that they slow your system too much. Lavasoft performance of the antivirus engine has the introduction of the BitDefender aufgefülltZur award11 AdAware.

Simplicity of management and game mode

Remain Ad-Aware in the option in two parts under the protection settings (in the upper right corner) and the split options. In the Security Settings section, you can optimize browser protection and settings in real time, although safe browsingCan only be activated and deactivated and is not regulated. In Ad-Aware in the basic parameters, there are various settings related to basic operations, updates, and an explanation of the game mode (although this can quickly switch in the main interface and system tray).

seriousRival of big boys

Everyone was impressed by the addition of Ad-Aware in the cost of BitDefender for the antivirus package and were looking forward to trying it for a long time, and see what future updates will bring. At the moment it is a solid application, with an impressiveLevel detection, smooth for Windows 8 modeled interfaces with all major options. This is not the brand trusted by competitors, such as Avast !, Avira and AVG, but now, of course, antiviral are expected.


Full compatibility for Windows 10

Full scanning capability in a secureMode mechanism Improved updates Enhanced Windows XP and Vista, support Minor bug fixes

Ad Aware Free Antivirus