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Ioutubers Life with U-Play on the Internet is a wonderful gaming simulator / tycoon game where players try to be the top video blogger video by changing Earth, attracting many fans and accumulating great wealth in the process. Players can customize znakoveHiljade entertainment options.Players can simulate real live YouTubers, playing filming sessions, buying new and classic consoles and managing daily tasks and learning time management skills!

Get startedIouTuberkarera is not easy!

Systematic igračiIoutubers life can perform the whole process from beginning to end, and then publish their work online. The video editing process in your account has now become a pretty exciting experience! Players can get their favorite game title, they will be sent in štampioblik, and then continue to record game sessions. Video recording and presentation skills can be reviewed for realizing the ideals of players forBecame the world’s vibitnagavidea blogger. The player begins his career videoblogs in their parents‘ room, and to solve školurad and work the home and keep the mom happy, try to increase the hits and visit their website.

Live video

The immersive live video blogger, filing the life of Ioutubers is not just for video recording and followers of the perfect blog and audience. YouTuber sets the live value from the screen, the game, the player attends the editionPremiere and running games, while others from parties, clubs, as well as luxury yachts, when success is finally reached. Players can novaprijatelj, weed climbers and even find them during their life partner as they get through the game.

Technical specifications and conditions

In the Windows system, the game will work on old machines, which still require the firmware: Windows XP, as well as the new iteration of Vindovs.3 megabytes of free storage and 2 GB of RAM. Graphics 512MB RAMRequired to support NVIDIA GeForce. In Mac OS from Apple, the processor is required 2 GHz or faster, and 3 MB of 2 GB GB storage space. And Windows and Mac games are better to play 16: Resolution 9.

Life experience at Ioutuber!

The game is running well, he is not far behind it easily accessible and very comfortable to play. The game is totally addictive fun, but it can be repetitive, but this is common in simulationStrategy / management of sperm games that attracts the target market for this type of game. The aspect of family punish contributes to game charm and financial management skills that can pomognerastu a future digital master. So do not postpone and download YouTubers life today.

Youtubers Life