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DownThemAll! This is a powerful but easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox add-on that adds new advanced features to the download in your browser.

If you want to download everything on the page, it’s a relatively time-consuming and time-consuming process. DownThemAll! makes it easier.

Writersees this smart bootloading anything MÄEloading its pages. Selected through a simple menu, what things you want to download by checking the box.Maaari check you can immediately see which images, videos, sound files, etc. by extension of the file name.

You can also refine your downloads bycustomizable criteria to get only the type of files that you really like. Most of the time, DownThemAll download! Lightning fast – faster than the default Firefox downloads manager is heavy in any sense of the view.

DownThemAll! This requirement can be up to 400%faster and can iyonisang while the real evaluation, there is no doubt that very soon. Of course, it supports the continuation of the download too, so you can just leave DownThemAll! I work while you are out or away from the computer, and in the end, you will getall the files you want.

DownThemAll! A brilliant plugin that should come as standard in Firefox.


Marked as compatible with Firefox 6. *

Fix: Potential and proven (minor memory leaks)

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