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Here’s a very interesting plan, it’s good and, most importantly, the sound editor is stable, ie, reproduction or editing is easy, your can record, each of them different you can manage, if you want, Reaper nbsp you can download; Our project.

For example, and really WaveOut DirectSound, ASIO, if you want to record your song, you can work with the MIDI and WAV format and also work with OGG, MP3 and other types.

REAPER can easily track your standard level tracks, ifIs extremely high, no one hinders changing this feature, as far as possible, changing the limits of the selected exercise, if you do not have any results. You can delete several levels, but if you want, you can repeat the operation.

REAPER interfaceIt’s good to understand, it’s not hard to understand, even if Russia does not support, how can you register for a Non-Program Agreement, for example, there is a batch status. Especially to add a REAPER app – anything is easy to handle, and the results can be extremely high.

DeveloperApp: Cockos is inserted

License: Sharing

In English

Size: nbsp; Megabyte

OS: Windows

How to install:

1). If necessary, enter the instructions.

2). All that, enjoy yourself.

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Cockos REAPER v5