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Not the most successful design program, ready to help users to process digital photos, and also to support their rapid archiving. Given the main purpose of this program, it is easy to help users transmit digitalImages from cameras, storages and other devices to your computer and place them directly in the right folder on your computer, download SmartImport Photos Too Mous New Perhaps you just need to enter, not just -)

According to the developers, this tool is an ideal toolFor any photographer, maybe it’s true, but look, I’m not a photographer, maybe it’s not so important, in fact it’s really a good job, but I often judge by its appearance. , Importing photos can change the name of the photo by date and other parameters in batch mode,If the image is large, they will be arranged in alphabetical order, for example, free of charge, especially for me. If the photos are large, but do not understand why I need them, it’s easy to use inborn searches, but maybe someone will just get the first letter. On behalf of, then the benefits, of course,Are irrefutable.

Russian support for importing photos is not, although the network is cracked, I have not tried it yet, if I add it later. Especially I will say the program, there really is not much agreement, I will say that all settings are visible in the main window, as well as additional functionsI can not find. Photo Import supports pull-and-drag modes that you can add to files and folders, you can move them to the main window, it’s useful, but I never drag the file, somehow not how I do not understand. In general, stop from my little reviewThis program. Photos, pros and cons, I think you can see, at least, everything is in your hands.

Developer: Nwspro

License: ShareWare


Size: megabyte

Operating System: Windows

How to install:

Start „“ and install it

2 – Use the serial buttons in theText file for software registration

3 – That’s all. Enjoy the full version

Smart Photo Import 2