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Fifa 09 can be said to the king of football matches, and the emergence of the success of this series. This means that there are great expectations for FIFA 10, the latest version of the classic EA.

Although visually not far from its predecessor, FIFA 10 PC demo will show some changes „under the hood“That really improved the game. The biggest is the introduction of a 360 degree control. Your players will no longer move in eight directions, but the way inginkan.Ini make kawalanYang smoother, and gives a greater relaxation and the ability to play more creatively.

FIFA 10 player animations are being renovatedTotally – they are moving with a real character now dribbling and look great. Friends in the arms, there will be an increase in intelligence, which makes it act naturally, and it is not possible to do what you want.

ManaemenFIFA 10 has also been improved, probably as a response to the richerExperience in Pro Evolutionary KonamiBola ball. FIFA 10 players now come up with an „ideal“ that affects their decisions – if your team is full of defenders, it can be difficult to persuade others to join because they are not playing very rarely a player wants to continue his career.

GamesWere cleaner and more refined than its predecessor, the FIFA10 is a pretty good improvement, and another step towards a football experience that is truly real.

Realism is the best

Electronic Arts FIFA 15 for membuatnyaHampir refuse to realitystep possible. To accomplish this, a lot of improvisationEA that affect the game.

New emotions engine allows players to act more realistically on the field, whether merekaberhasil in terrible pass or not rating. Which more than 600 animations that cover the scope of emotions that can be seen during live games, includingAnger or protest, FIFA 15 would like to believe that you are in the right game.

AI also grows baikDengan counterpart CPU to respond better to the situation of the game, to the opponent to react tactical pitch.

FIFA15 includes tools for practice and ability to change tactics,And the strategy is simplified to make it easier to use. A new feature is the ability to provide your own tactics for every player on the pitch. An example: provide a broad linebacker freedom while pushing the opponent’s ball wear.

During the game, there isDuaMod balance: one for running, and the other on the original strategy seranganyang (which is best to use if you lose). This mode can be used throughout the game and add to the existing five: ultra defense, defense, balance, guilt, and ultimate injuries.

The ultimate team, tooSo, it brings new exciting options. You can create a design concept, get players on the loan and play in a season mode friendly, and compete with your friends with your Ultimate team in a single match 1v1.

DenganPertandinganbaruHab Live Day, you can follow the news and solutions for yourTeam.

In short, FIFA 15 has become a place to play football and follow the virtual and real life.

The game is better

There is more accuracy when dribbling, and now, you have better control of the trajectory of the ball.

Denganpeningkatan physics, controls the ball looks more fluid and realistic.

One-on-oneDefense, when more banyakSengit, with more strategies needed to steal the ball. If you hit it, you can try to stop it, but the work can be added quickly.

Goalkeepers also have a new AI, so they can act more realistically to hit the goal. This, in combinationAdditional denganAnimasi, which makes it more exciting in the target.

Finally, there is also a bit of exciting news for those who want to play single player: This game will test your ability to play against AI and difficulty calibrating your capabilities based onYour expertise. However, difficulties can be changed through settings.

Enjoy the visuals

New Mesingrafis add much needed improvement to the visual FIFA 14.

This area will now be transferred as the game continues, and the player’s models show the grass and dirt likeTo approach the final end.

The audience is required more involved, adding a layer of realism. There are jugaKesan a new sound that the ball hit the pole.

FIFA15 now also shows advertisements from outside, as well as cameramen and male footballer. Screeners in the game for the penal inventory are great,And the replica finishes according to the quality you will see when watching the right game.

Interesting and close to perfection

FIFA 15 shows all the most innovative improvements to the FIFA series.

The new physical model is one of the best features of FIFA 15, adding a new layer in the strategyFor the game. The new machine that supplies graphics and animation is incredible and re-adds the game’s realism.

Stadiums It was announced for certain, with attention to detail that has never been seen in any game of football. In the area, surprisingly responds when comparedWith FIFA 14. The feeling of what you want to do is unmatched.

Improvements Ultimate Team provide more depth to game mode, and you can also manage your ultimate team on the phone with the official requirement of the EA Sports FIFA 15 companion, available for Android and iPhone.

In the end, FIFA15 is the best football game I’ve ever seen. Great direct in the previous quality dariversi was remarkable, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. No doubt, this is important for any football fan.