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Game survival horror in the first person to borrow classic Amnesia, and itwith new feature stations that give some personality.

Will survive You have to survive the insanity of violence and death prevailing in the abandoned psychiatric hospital. Ground with acceptable, excellent control and close enough moment of the butt, survival promisesto to be the scariest game ever made. But what is it?

Blood, guts and gore

Survival is frightening – no gameGood dechrau.Mae’r to enter where the main character, Miles Upshur, and make sure that you have a hard time (which is a kind of point). The story is common, but very effective on the screen, especially for many realistic blood scenes and gore. Do not survive in the game for the faint of heart: it’s dirty, it’s violent and actually gets under the skin.

EnAgora, making the mistake of survival should not be done in any horror game: normal. The whole cyntafnewydd tour,Scary, fun and sad, and really a scary game, the kind that keeps hair still in and races its pulse. But afterthe first impact, sliding persisted in the routine. There is a source of „worry“ running out and prettyfast every challenge in the game is a small variation onthe previous year, which means they exceed the same inalmost amount all the time as well, „blank, button or activate the lever, and repeat.“

It is very rare to find a linear survival of aPart of Gemla move free door, room open or not go. The two linearities are two clear goals: the first is to scare you. The game management didn’thave about what you did, or where you went, could turn on some unexpected happenings that went thatmake yourchair.

West is the second effect is to look carefully linearity survive you’llsee just a big boss. Every part of the game has a certain order, and if you do fforddyna maybeWill not survive. Finding „invisible“ – pieces that include crawling, hiding cabinets or under beds, avoiding deformedenemies or running for your life in intense persecution – is the key to progress through ‚the game.

Sobrevivirtente does (or does not) have psychologically terrorized beyond the first hour. Once you surpass thisinitial trauma, survival means more than courage, blood andmutilation, along with some fear, all other than Traar,Volume alarming.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because, among other things, to allow theurvival to know when they string and make a shout for his mother. But unlike other games like Amnesia (Almost a reference game for the genre), where you really understand the environment with the game of fearthroughout and plot, it will be easy to survive just „boo! Fear you!“ Moment.

Realistic movements

One of the interesting ofOutlastyn controls and how affectthe game. While the gameOthers who played likeany first person, our movements on the screen are very realistic as corpobalances, supporting our hands or the round thefloor as we run and looking back at all the controls of transmitrealism, human movement, and giving you poor Miles shoes sound.

The camcorder will be just your weapon in the game. It serves to reveal the dark through the infrared mode, but the battery runs out, while the chiddefnyddio and must find their place through the level. UseCámaraofrece many awful moments in survival, although it is unlikely that you will drain the batteries because this game is to balance the difficulty of youbatteries when you need them.

Very powerful graphics and sound

Unreal Engine 3 usefulness survive It is used in good and very good in general. Even better, any computer midrange itslimits boost but rhagorolperfformiad aíndagozar.

Combineslight and shadow games and infrared camerasEffective in circulation (a very realistic camera filter). Blood on the walls, corpses scattered all over the place, gut – well peeping off the most fun thing you’ll see in your trip – well worth mentioning.

In general, some amazing graphics outlast, which is protected by small problems irritantesUnreal Engine 3 is a feature, not because there are physical objects (curtains that look like wall aarrgh …!)

When it comes to sounded-a real star of terror-Outlast every game is very strong. An alarming dialogue, with soft vocals and shouting, legs, broken things, all focused. But in a frightening experience for you.


A supervivorative game to scare you out of pieces, and you have moments that will lead the time toforget. All production is fabulous, the acres are very linear, do not go the excellent level design very well. Controls and some scenes that really stand up.

OrSurvive the best horror game ever? In the end, depending on who is playing and how sensitive they are. But in any case, the Secom genre is definitely you have toBut atry.