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Mafia 2 is a third-person action game for computer users who want to try their strengths as a virtual gangster.

Like the Mafia in 1930, but much more detailed, Mafia 2 is between 1940 and 1950 and is located in Empire Bay, though fictitious, based on a hybrid of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, SanFrancisco, Boston and Detroit. Similar to other role-based role-playing games, you maneuver your personagede city to perform certain tasks. You can get the theft of a car here, fire recolecciónArmasi to interact with other characters controlled by the computer.

There are many variationsIn Mafia 2, especially in terms of size of choice you have a choice of weapons. He has his own Thompson Slot Machine and Colt 1911 but also has a pistol action Remington 870 pump, megaphone MP 40, M3 and more. Enthusiasts firearms will safely get kicked all these weapons and get a representation in Mafia2.

Besides the kindof you choose between standard and perform acts of mafia 2 violence. You can also hide behind some objects affected on the fly and shoot enemies at once that most users see it as a very nice feature. There are three different radio stations you can set up,While playing the game: Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and Radio Delta.

As for graphics, Mafia 2 is the first line. Mafia 2 will not leave decepcionados.A skilled players just complaining some people have is that off the game and freeze or slow down on older computers.

Mafia 2 is requiredFor serious gamers who want the thrill of the Second World War.

Mafia 2