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Private personal network, personal personal network, is a network that provides secure and personal connections to a specific network, often from a remote area that is not in the center of the internet. These networks are used by educational institutions and businesses, especially when remote or home-class workers need to find a company’s internal office outside the office.

I am It is a VPN shield window on the desktop

Video surveillance window is an application that allows one to integrate one to the Service ProviderShield of VPN; This is a service that can be used while connecting to the internet from a Wi-Fi public network where personal data security is more than a bell. Unlike other VPN services, and VPN Shield, you do not have to set up VPN in hand. Service access service, which means that everything you need is connecting and timely. This service also offers a number of benefits on other personal or personal networks created (VPNs), ifincludes the ability to mask real IP address and access websites, services, or gaming networks that are often locked in your area.


Although VPN can be configured to a computer on any computer, use such services as the VPNShield Desktop to save time and effort efforts, while providing other unusual benefits to the VPN connection.

VPN Shield Desktop