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The game;

In the middle of the earth, the shadow of the war, one from it in the open to the world and is played from the perspective of the game, it is set out, for the third, Our predecessor, which takes place at the person’s.

The player can also play a hero, such that it contains a number of original games and the ability to fight as guardians of Gonda,

but also special skills offered in the spirit of Elf Celebrimbor that the body.

The player uses his ability to generally tends kukamilishaujumberangeto break the army of Sauron.

The game has a sport with great fatigue, and the ruling is especially in the missions is to be a story, so that it can help to enhance the skills of the player to the pleasure of the way, and the reason is undertaken recklessly, reparation tuza.

Unlike the previous game, lost more slash the client will have to play a role in the stage to create a personal experience for each player.

It also contains nguvumfumo of the night, and the night, in a storm, the game is capable of work, to your friends, and a certain non-inhumanihostemque

Demand for computer system

a minimum;

operatingSystem SP1 to upgrade Windows 7 platform

Software IX (4) 350 Intel, AMD / Intel i5-2300, Intel

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Graphics: Intel HD 2 (7) 870 GB / 2 Nvidia GTX 660 MB

DirectX: Version 11

Storage space is available 45GB

Additional information required X64


This version of the game is already dissolved – just install and play.

More details, baadayeSasisha support

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How to Install:

After downloaded;

-Open (File mission)

-Choose areas,


– wait until itafanye

– Try a shortcut to the game on your desktop.

If you want to stream on the other implant.

Resolution you.

Middle earth Shadow of War PC