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A player already arranged to play OneWade Cicero avoids the reality of the game is called the Oasis. If you wish to founder of the investors has been used in hunting the true Easter eggs. Cicero, with the consent of all the hunting and the five years, after they laid down their enemies in the company, they want to earn money in the real world, and the youth of those who are in the Oasis.


Subtitles: No.

Clade: NA

Announcement Date: February 29, 2018

Type: Science Fiction

During implementation: Not Available

Press PHOTOSET Warner Bros.

100: Mike Cook

Steven Spielberg directed by


For when you were the author of the world, virtual reality, the name of the OASIS, let him die, ff ers I see that, by means of which all of their users get it at OASIS of the Passover, beginning at the beginning that the state of his engine gives. And Wade Cicero first start competing mayai.Sehemu a lot less worried about the name of the manufacturing watts. In the near future to enter into the game, Cicero Print Oasis extinguished. But the founder of the billionairemoriatur, and gives it to the reward of good players of expelling the Easter eggs in the Oasis. After five turns Wattshuingia action against the enemies companyshe is going to do all their money – in the real world and Oasis.

Ready Player One 2018