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1920, rural Ireland. Irish Irish twins Rachel and Edward live in an incredible existence in their ruined family. Every night, the property becomes a stadium of sin (…

View full summary of 1920, rural Ireland. Irish Irish twins Rachel and Edward live in an incredible existence in his spoiled family. Every night, the property becomes the center of sin (Lodgers), which strengthens the three rules of the twins: you should lie in bed between midnight;they can not let the visitor go through the threshold; When trying to escape, the life of another is risky. When there is an old man, Sean returns to a nearby village, he immediately attracts a great president who also breaks the rules laid down by the Lodgers. The result is that Rachel is in conflict with her brother – and for the curse he hates.

The revelation, which included four presidents, was rejected – the proponent of the first women’s magazine is the editor of thisa country that joined the unpleasant war between the media and the government. When American military analyst Daniel Ellsberg realizes his deeper repercussions in a fake US war during the Vietnam War, he takes action by copying high-tech documents that would be Pentagon documents. Later, the Washington Post Kai Graham owner continues to adapt the work of his deceased husband, and editor Ben Bradley takes control of New York Times for these documents.To participate in the competition, the journalists themselves discover Ellsberg’s comprehensive copy of the work. However, because the plan to publish their results are at risk and systematic prevention, the Federal Union may find all those accused of being insulted. Now, Kai Graham must decide whether he can lower himself to the security of his newspaper or post and fight for freedom of the press. So Graham and his companions join a war that morally makes America a democracy in equality.

The Lodgers 2017