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PES 2016 is a good Pro Evolution Soccer game since the PlayStation era. But in terms of representation of the image, it’s a catastrophe.

PES 2016 Genius

It is difficult to recognize the PES 2016 wisdom. But this effort to get its light is not bad, Because it seems that all information is not worth it.

All have no comments Stars are Physics and AI. Konami has made good progress both sides to make it important to the ball, and general control is very poisonous and can not be reduced. PES has gained popularity, it now seems thatPES 2016 has gained the fatigue and understanding of its FIFA competitors.

Improvement for AI is also important, causing fear to send a ball to your colleagues. You can now trust your partner to protect you while trying to launch your team player in the seaside.

It is amazing to see how 22 AI players combine, Together, protest and oppose. Given this point, you are welcome to work with your team, instead of setting them as one wolf.

In PES 2016, every win, however small, Feel itthe truth. You should focus on all parts of the piece – not just about the target – because of the disappearance of each element it can cause disaster. Accuracy, response and cool is important to win.

Perhaps this is where PES received a new 2016 challenge: war or challenge every minute. Every fight for fighting can lead to a loss or loss and better – whatever will happen.- It’s fun because you can not guess what will happen next.

Port PS3?

This is a bad news: PES’s 2016 PC is portPS3 version. We are honest without the idea that Konami has not tried to cope with the SP4 and the Xbox One has already been developed. This old method refers to severe images and small movements.

It’s not a bad thing, but PES 2016 is also full of content: Legend, Master Teacher, Playlists MyClub PES is not just about sports in the field, It also has mini football style for almost the same players as well as the main action. Even with licensing conditions, PES 2016 makes a difference in FIFA, though it retires in the EA game for models.


PES 2016 is ideal. It’s a strategy, you can not predict, stunning and organic, but we recommend PS4 and Xbox One sections. If you have graphics on the PC now, you can not delete and quit playing games.9 / 10 It’s advisable.

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