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Pinterest is a fun photo sharing social service that you can now access on the Pokki platform on your desktop.

There are lots of excellent online images, from memes to professional photography. You can choose to save the person you want to your computer or maybe publish it on Tumblr, even if it’s a regular poster, you may get lost in chat. Pinterest is an alternative that lets you organize all your favorite photosyou and show it to others.

Traditionally, you can only access Pinterest through its web applicationplatform. Now it’s available on your desktop thanks to Pokki. By creating a folder to organize the content you find online in the pin tab, you can customize your interests and also organize them into more specialized sub-categories so you can find other users in Pinterest. You can add images to the loading Pinterestimej pinboard loadingon your computer directly in the app.

Pinterest also Enables a function that allows „Repin“ images and adds them directly to the pinboard of your choice. This is a good choiceif you follow many other users on this site and find what you love on your billboard.

Pinterest is an interesting visual way to organize the photos you are looking for and want to follow up on.

Spintires is a game where you can handle off-road trucks. Trucks heavy andthis weight is difficult to move and is aimed at moving large loads through the untouched muddy forest area. This is a fun game if you have enough patience to control this giant.

The truck uses 30 liters of fuel per minute

OM’s Spintires areconfusing: moving the load of the wood from one point to another. Where is the challenge? Well, the road is full of mud, rivers, plants and „roads“ that are covered with dirt. Play in the truckvery big, heavy and difficult, and get something that puts patience for the test.

This truck, however, requires very close control of the real truck, the Spintires is one of the best simulators that have proved to be inevitable You need to drive carefully so that you are not trapped, using four wheels and different differentiallocks. From time to time, you will learn how to use a delay cable when you need it and you can attach itcable to the tree to help you get out of all the unpleasant ditches that can get stuck.

If the situation becomes very difficult, you can always change the vehicle and save what’s trapped in the mud (you have to do it several times). You can also get two trucks trapped and forced to use a third truck to pull them together. It’s great, especially when it takes more than half an hour for the second truck toarrive.

You also need to controlvehicle damage and the amount of gas it uses. Some of these giants use up to 30 liters of fuel per minute. If you run out, you need to know what to do: contact the fuel truck, of course.

SpintiresIt has five different fields to play, around the same level of difficulty, but very different. Even if you have maps to negotiate, it does not have to be useful to see how games hide parts of the land so you do not knowwhere to go It’s very important to explore and see what’s here.

Youalso have different types of trucks, which you can customize like you. Get experience points with extras such as trailers, cranes, loads more fuel tank.

Drive a truck

Like a game truck, its control is solid and difficult. You will need a lot of time to use to use the keyboard and mouse to control everything. However, it is possibleto accelerate, change direction and use cranes, all at the same time.

The most difficult part is to use a weird camera (which can move with the mouse).

Very physically realistic

Oneof the areas where Spintires surprised everyone was the graph. It has a very realistic truck that moves, swings, and collects with confidence, sometimes making you forget that you are playing video games. The same thing happens with effects like movementsmoke and mud (heavy and sticky).

AFizik is truly realistic and should be considered at all times. For example, the weight of the load can sink the truck into the mud if you stop for a long time. When you touch the trees and branches, they behave as they doin real life. In general, Spintires is a very realistic game.

Get ready for a long time

Spintires is not only very original, but it is also donewell at the technical level. The game is pretty much in the menu, the interface and the controls go, but, again, there are also trucks that operate. However, Spintires are very fun, but you need patience and steel nerves.