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Techsmith, the most famous of which is Screen Capture, Screenshot and SnagIt, Camtasia, Jing-Tool, which has been developed in a hybrid with existing products. This project makes the window simple, it lets you click on your work and share your friends onlinevideo and images.

The interface of Jing himself, in a bottle shape, feels like the almost web application program is true. Your Jing sits in its menu developer daitekeizan arcessit.Elementis who had a little confusing for the first time. Jin’s drives will take a series of axes in the area you wanton the screen. video or capture images, you can select the next place if you want. Applications like some limited edition features, color or arrows, but this is not often enough as tools.

The story is very cool in the name of Jing, and when it shows small thumbnails,she showed a double click to open it. sharingcaptures toonline, you need to do it to get started.

While JingAz usually use it from time to time, but it is an ideal desktop anyone who searches for basic Screencasts and captures.


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