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Browser Baidu (View Browser Baidu Spark) is a browser based on Chromium, the same Google Chrome browser. The delightful design, skin change, good Facebook links, and pages for uploading videos makes Baidu a browsable browser.

Like Chrome, but with different features

If you use Chrome, add some interesting features and edit the design, the result is Browser Baidu.

The software includes a sidebarwhich allows you to access quick notes and downloads, the azoom frontnlargingor page trimmer and Facebook widget that allows you to watch the real-time weather of your social flow.

The Baidu browser allows you to use the mouse with your mouse to perform some actions such as: Change, close, open new tab, or move forward and backward. There are dozens of long events described in the „Tools“ section in the section“Settings.“ However, you can not create new personal acts.

Browser Interface Baidu also supports media buttons that allow you to download videos from the page you are viewing.

Another useful feature that allows you to turn off all audio on a tablet is a useful feature when you have multiple tabs open and do not know where annoying sounds are coming from.

Theways to do and in Chrome, in Browser Baidu, you can access the grid of most visited websites when you open a new tab (new tab).

Finally, Baidu Browser includes screenshots. You can cut a part of all the pages or screens. In addition, it combines a number of basic tools for editing photos or adding text, colors and other functions.

Designed for you

The interfaceis similar to the Chrome interface, but has a very small design. If blue is blue (plain color) does not match your taste, do not worry, the Baidu Browser and other skins you can select with buttons in the tab.

The rest of the sidebar can be turned on or off. The forcapturingscreenshots button or explicit download of the video is visible in the sidebar.

Amazing browser

In general, Baidu Browser is a successful browser. TheFacebook integration works well, and the sidebar is convenient without closing the web.

The features for downloading screenshots and screenshots are useful and always on hand.Mouse movement is definitely a concern and improves the use of browsers.

Finally, Baidu Browser is a recommended guide for searchers of trusted popular Firefox, Internet ExplorerAt Chrome. Not only does it allow you to closeAnything in terms of quality and speed when surfing the internet, while improving your surfing online.

Baidu Browser