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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has returned to fight for FIFA because of the best football game.

Since last year, the game has improved, the drawings are more than water, and the physics has been updated. AI is the sincerity and vision of each team.

The Soccer 2015 revolution offers a good description of players who look like athletes in whom astronomical skills have been created.

Competition for everyone

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has several game options: friendly, competitive, divided online,League of Legends, Become a history with the new Mi Club, which is like the Ultimate FIFA Team.

This game has a license for an international league, such as the Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cuti. Domestic leagues are included, but unknown.

For developers, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 includes the status of atrening in educational games that teach the techniques you need to succeed in the game. Most of these games still seem to be FIFA.

A new way of playing

There is no differencein this matter, controls from 2015 to PES 2014, but updated versions provide the best response.

Animation of players is more likely, but there are still times that affect fatigue. Care looks better, and the speed of field players is convincing.

BallFiziki is very good, replace the ball with the ball used to play in advance.

Speed ​​Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is much better than FIFA and allows you to have the chance and time for a better strategy with the team.

You can find your waycreative system to manage the matching method. They can be used at some point during sports activities that provide a lot of fun.

Artificial intelligence is more likely to replace predictable actions to adjust the way the game is made more difficult.

One of my favorite things is that PES 2015 was able to launch a great team game. FC Barcelona is known for its reputation, Real Madrid uses speed, and Baiern concentratesstrength and depression probably. This will make Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 feel like a real match.

Room level

PES 2015 offers the best graphics. Physical comparisons of known players are unbelievable and small details are also shown.

Stadionskaanga is good, the audience’s noise is described in reality, and the level of sound in the crowd is the basis for how the game opens. Public participation contributes significantly to the authenticity of the game.

Have FIFA everHe ruled?

PES 2015 is the best simulator.

StepsKons is perfect for improving the game. The game is not perfect, but due to the limited number of official licenses, menu and viewing date, not all drawings have been improved.

This is a small fever of other fun.

The difference between FIFA and PES is very small, and Konami has gained the foundation for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

PES 2015