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According to the best-selling book The New York Times, WONDER tells the most interesting and warmest stories of Augustus Pullman, the first five-year-old first-year boy who first attended elementary school. According to the New York Times, the best-selling book, WONDER tellsthe story of the interesting and cool feeling of Augustus Pullman. Because of the difference, until now he did not go to the general education school, Aggie became less common. He was introduced to the fifth floor of this place .. Like families, new classmates and all the big communities trying todiscover their sympathy and recognition, a bad trip up the mountain will bring them all together and prove that you can not mix at birth.

According to Brian Selzniks, Critic Ben and Rose, children of two different stages differ from their secret life needs. Jane for his father, whom henever knew, while Rosa’s dream of an actress with her lifelong dream in the book, Then Bart had interesting tips in his house and

Rabbit Ostrov in the 1950s tells the story of the life of Kaisely and his wife.

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