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Baidu Brovser (formerly Baidu Spark) is a browser based on Chromium, the same engine running Google Chrome. Attractive design, a variety of leaflets, good integration with Facebook and a feature that downloads videos, make Baidu a search engine worth the try.

Like Chrome, butwith multiple functions

If you’re using Chrome, add some interesting features and register, the result of Baidu Brovsera.

The software includes a sidebar, which allows quick access to names and downloads, forenlargingAzoom that runs pages and Facebook tool, which allows you to seeyour social stream in real time.

With Baidu Brovser, you can use the mouse to use certain steps, such as converting, closing, opening a new card or launching and returning. Post Decades are explained in the Accessories section of the Settings section. However, you can notcreate new personal gestures.

The Baidu Brovser interface provides a Media button that allows you to download videos from the page where you find it to

Another useful feature allows you to break the volume in each tab, a useful option when you open a lot of tabsand you do not know where the sound of the sound is coming

Like in Chrome, in Baidu Brovser you have access to the most popular web site layout when you open a new blank card (New Tab).

Finally, Baidu Brovser has features to capture the screen. You can stop a part of the entire page or screen. Next toIt integrates some tools for reconstructing images or adding text, colors, and other functions.


The interface is almost identical to Chrome, but with more design for the young. If an electric blue (the default color) does not taste, do not worry, Baidu Brovser contains several otherflyers that you can select from the button next to the card.

The rest of the sidebar may be turned on or off. Screenshots or movie downloads are multiple in the address bar.


In general, Baidu Brovser is a very successful browser. IntegrationFacebook works well, and the sidebar is useful without a web page overview.

Functions for downloading a video screen are useful and always available. The mouse movement corresponds to the browser’s user program.

In the end, Baidu Brovser is a recommended solution for those who are looking for a legitimate choice for Firefok,Internet Explorer and popular Chrome. Not only does it prevent you from losing anything. As for quality and speed while browsing the Web, it adds upgrades to enhance your online search experience.

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