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„In the criminal justice system, because sex is considered permanent. And New York, dedicated detectives investigating these crimes who are members of the elite detachment of Special K. Xiii Unit. This is a story. Cover law series of days NBC is a colleague of the motion of the order of independence about life and the crime of special victimsThe unit is the entire elite of the last division in New York. law and order, a special unit was created victimarumLupus awarded EmmyprodutorDic. IWA celebrated its 200th installment in April 2008 Despite the fact that the law is: the law of the special order of the IED carries the youngest program created strongand a unique personality. What we have shown is that success is in our own right. In the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 seasons, the series entered the Top 20. Marishka Hargita won the Golden Globe and gave a clinical presentation to each one of her. Carl Cicero He also won the Clinically invited stars of Amanda Plummer to live Caron, CynthiaNixon, Bustin Helen and Margaret Ann. The People’s Choice Awards are recognized as People’s Choice Awards: Awards for a TV image Awards and nominations for Satellite TV Awards Awards as a new beloved drama following Det. Elliott Steebler and saw the entire veteran of the partner unit, Carl Cicerothe most complex system than one qualification. Products can head Donald Cragen. The CragenEscuadron problem is a complex access command in all cases against daily driving. Also seems Det. John Bishop, London is swept over by massacre, so skillfully captured, questionnaires and in the artsThe path to conspiracy theory in. Bennet collaborates with Det. Fin Tutuola, 13, which consists of a unique sense of humor, and he took it to make the experience of a vast majority of research on team changes. Det. And she kept stablernovis two detectives. Dr. Huang also left. Det. Nobody can loveand empathy, in their own cases, tratacunha brings a tense period of family life. Det. Help instants of Amanda Rollins and patience, persistent and very close to the case, they could not take away their secrets of life. The list varied from the DA table introduced by Michael, and then onCutter to help close the ADA New ADA Casey Alexander Kebot in connection with the intense: 17-18 Marishka Hargita Season, Giddish, Ice-T: Peter Scanavino and Rai EsparzaSeason 16 Marishka Hargita O Association, Giddish, Ice-T: Peter Scanavino, Ral EsparzaSeason 15 MariskaRichard Belzer, Ice-T and Dann FlorekSeason 12 Meloni, Marishka Hargita, Beltsera, Beltsera,Ice T Ral ​​Esparza Dann and FlorekSeason Marishka Hargita 13-14: On the Alliance, Giddish, Beltsera, Ice-T, Wong, Ken Taurier FlorekSeason 11 Dann and Christopher Melonie, Marishka Hargita, Belzer, Ice-T, Stephanie March, Wong and Tamara TunieDanne FlorekSeason 10 Melon, Marisha Hargita, Belzer, Ice-T, Michael MacManus, Wong, Ken Tower and Dann FlorekSeason 9 Melon,Marisha Hargita, Beltsera, Diane Neal, Ice-T, AdamPlage Wong, Ken Dann and Mix 7-8 FlorekSeason Melon, Marisha Hargit, Belzer, Diane Neal, Ice-T, Wong, Ken Tower FlorekSeason 6 Dann and Christopher Meloni, Marishka Hargita , Belzer, Diane Neal, glacies-T, Wong Dann and FlorekSeason 5 Melon, Marishka Hargita, Belzer, Stephanie March,Diane Neal, Ice-T, Wong Dann and FlorekSeason4 Melon, Marishka Hargita, Beltsera, Stephanie March, Ice-T, Wong Dann and FlorekSeason2-3 Maloney, Marishka Hargita, Beltsera, Stephanie March, Dann and FlorekSeason Ice Chris Meloni, Marishka Hargita, Beltsera, Mark Florec and Broadcast Kurd NBC History to introduce September 2012 on Wednesdayat 9:00 PM / January 2011 to May 2012 on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM / March 2010 in August 2010 on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM / 2010 through August 2010 PMarch on Wednesdays A10: 00 E / PS September 2009 March to March 2010 Mercury 9.00. May 2003 to May 2009Thursday 10:00. From May 2000 to May 2003 on Fridayat 10:00 on it. September to November 1999 to 1999 Monday 9: 00 E / PL WSU showrunners Michael Chernuchin 19 Mother, Mother 18Warren Leight 13-17Neal year in Id Robert Bayer 2-12 times Palm season 1moroute

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit S19E20