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The victory is in your hands! Your nation leads you to extreme arms that you have the power, strategy game Iron IV Heart allows you to rule any Nation during the Second World War; The most engaging in the history of world conflict.

Command center to the heart of battle, You will take your country to ornitu rhyfelu and money, negotiate or attack. You still have to give power to the WWII balance.

It is time to show his ability as a leader in his greatest vaennaysvet. Please adleologchange history? Fate of change, can any victory be at any cost?

Key Features: overall strategic warfare: not only win land war, in the sea and in the air. Likewise, hearts and minds were achieved both men and women.

Real-time legitimate warfare mode simulation: Let WW2 stand out if your war is best equipped with time; tanks, airplanes, ships, weapons and weapons of the new high destruction.

Let’s say any nation control: for triumph, or small country storm weatherSome attempts are being made to Abyarytsebolshaya.

Turn global widespread World War II tests into a full topographic map with seasons, weather and land: in your area. It can become snow, mud, storms, powerful allies and enemies of the country.

Discuss or force your will: Political and diplomatic systems in advanced experience, make up your party, appoint resources and ministers.

Intense Online Competition: Battlechasta playercompetitive and cooperative fynyi 32 players. A multi-user cross platform is also included.

Write a unique advantage to its nation: a flexible technology system, in which all the major states prove their unique identity. detailed historical tanks and aircraft development research and military experience.

Each one will receive: Poland: States and ready:

Free special focus on DLC adds authenticity to wood Poland, new tanks and drawings, 2D active and partretavDadatkovyya leaders3D model for historical

Hearts of Iron IV no ISO