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Sims 4 City Living Expansion adds to Sims 4, which means you need the original Sims 4 game. The expanding package gives you the opportunity to look at the beautiful town of San Michelo.

Take a walk through Sim City

The Sims 4 City Extension Package Pack allows you to see and visit new NPC characters. You can visit holidays and take part, you can watch street performers and take part in competitions for prizes. Expanding includes a number of careers, You can try to increase the repetition. TheThe ability to rent space in the city is slightly different from the Sims two and three first games. The game does not really distribute the original Sims 4 game graphics because it is an extension of the content, not the continuation of the Sims 4 game.

Conclusion – Add to a addictive game

If you play Sims 4 in the country and then look great for new content, there is no reason why you should not buy Sims 4 City Packages. Extension of Life Extension Does not extend the basic game, but ‚ Give you more and interact withhi.

Sims 2 is the second part of one of the most popular simulation games. Players have the ability to create and treat their family and help them achieve their goals to become wrong citizens.

Stay in the world of Sims 2

The steps take place in a stereotypical suburban neighborhood. Players start with an aviator that can be adapted and developed according to their own will. When they already understand the personality and physical nature of their air, they must build their homes to find work and develop theirsocial skills so that they can find a partner and become a reputable member of society. Unnecessary to say, everything takes a lot of time and dedication, and there are many boring moments like user viewing – flying and studying in the bathroom.

Are You Sims Lover?

Sims 2 introduces players with very detailed and imaginative world to break down and develop alone, and anyone who is a fan of simulation games must have many hours of fun. It should be noted that the transformationthrough The Sims 2 takes hours, and this is not a game for people who want a lot of Action and adventure with your game.

The Sims 4