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After publishing the famous Crow Arrow series, Barry Allen was exposed to particle velocity. With a mixture of chemicals, Barry can move at high speed and sacrifice his life to solve puzzles, fight and kufafanuayule who killed his mother.

„X-Files“ is the television series „Peabody,“ „Golden Globe,“ and „Emmy,“ created by Chris Carter, which first began on September 10, 1993 and ends on May 19, 2002. He runs the show.was a hit for the Fox company Broadcasting Company, with major characters and characters („the truth is there,“ „do not believe anyone“, „I want to believe“) became popculture gems. X-Files looks like a series of 1990s, compared to the old government distrust of the conspiracy theories and spirituality, as well as the belief in the country njemaisha. X-Files program based on television and 37-year-old television program. In the magazine „Time“ of 2007, the list of „100 Best TV Programs“. In 2008 EntertainmentEntertainment has named its fourth largest science-fiction television brand in the past 25 years. It plays mrefutamasha FOX lasted nine seasons and was released for use by FBI agents Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett and Monica Reyes and studied extraordinary events. From genetic mutants and pest killers in an international conspiracy to unite alien species, this magnificent, Serious and Terrifying creature created by ChrisCarter has been one of the most famous sci-fi adverts ever since its first inauguration in 1993. „The X-Files“ also appeared in the series in 1998, and I want to believe in 2008. So skinny to enjoy the fascinating world of X files. Nineteen X-Files are now available on DVD! There are hundreds of books in the series. Emmy Awards 2001 – A Good Series of Exhibits DeadAlive 2000 Series – The Best Choice for the Hivi Series – Best Mixing for the SeriesDrama Premium – Best visual effects for the first person shooter series in 1999 – the best series for two father / son incidents, one 1998 – the best art direction for the Modern Prometheus series – bestRisasi and one camera series For the Kill Switch 1997 – Best Dramatic Drama for Gillian Anderson – Greatest Direction for an Memento Mori Episode – Best Sound for a Series for Tempus Fugit1996 – best actor in „Drama“ series mfululizokwa Peter Boyle period „Last Rest“ Clyde Bruckman – best individual achievement in the dramatic series Darin Morgan to the last part Kledeya Brookman – the best individual achievement in the field for the mfululizoZa wonderful events – vydayuschiysyaIndividualnoe achievement in sound editing for the Nisei event series – the best individualized sound mixing for dramatic series duringNisei 1994 Best Achievement in Graphic Design and Headlines XG Files GoldenGlobe Awards 1998 Best Drama Series 1997 Drama David Duchovny Best Actress Gillian Anderson Best Television Series (Best Television Series) Drama) 1995 – The Best Television Series (Drama) in March 2015 announced that the series will return to the events of Little, Spiritual and Anderson Circuit to repeat their duties.After a 13-year break Chris Carter is on board to write and produce these events. Season 10 began on January 24, 2016. According to rumors, the show could be resumed in seasonal seasons due to seasonal success.

The Flash season 4 episode 1