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Escapists is a simulator for Breakout Prison. Admit it: you always want to have such a simulator.

Run: how your choice is.

Escapists look like Prison Architect, another prison game, but with much more action. You are a prisoner in prison and you want to escape. For this you have to perform daily tasks (so that no one suspects) and use your free time to escape you.

If you are looking for a game that is not with your hands you will love escalator escapes. You have to thinkabout getting away, Tittle is not going to give you a goal or a guide. You can consult a prison tape. Or steal a protective uniform. Or steal a tunnel. Or hide your tool in The Escapists is characterized by the freedom of action.

They have content for a while. You have many dungeons to choose from (having different degrees of difficulty). Although the prison is limited, they are full of details and variables that you want to release more than once in different ways.

Thebiggest scam The Escapist waits. Waiting for free to continue your plan too much.

retro wonderesthetics

Control set shock with its simplicity. Dreamer use only a few buttons or buttons, but you no longer need to let your creativity run free or continue with your plan. I am another comparable game that can prevent you from the initial investment of control learning. Here you are ready for departure within a few minutes.

The Escapists presents in one graphan aerial photograph with an 8-bit graph. The music also has a retro style with many „beeps“. I can not imagine a better aesthetic if he reminds me of the classic game „La Abadia del Crimen“.

The big challenge is waiting for you.

The Dreamer has its original starting point, has a lot of content and possibilities and represents a simple set on the display, but still strong. Are you able to release all the challenges of the game?

The Escapists