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Google Chrome (beta) is an experimental version of Chrome, which Google uses to test new features before adding it to a stable version.

The widest addition to the latest version of Google Chrome (beta) is to include voice recognition for apps. brovserincludesNew web interfacewhich provides development tools that integrate speech recognition into their Web applications. There are some misunderstandings about the security of such an API, as applications will have permission to record and send sounds.

Google Chrome (beta) also lists some security enhancements, which ismost important for extensions. Attachments that explicitly do not require permission are automatically blocked. This is great and encourages developers to expand their transparency.

If you want to check what’s happening on the Chrome Horizon, download and try Google Chrome (beta).


Forthe complete log of changes, visit

After several weeks of rumors, comments, titles and official presentations in San Francisco, Google finally, Chromium OS.

Currently, the Chromium OS is only available as a source code that you can download and compile to create an image filewhich is compatible with any virtual solution, such as VMware or VirtualBox. It is based on Linux, works in seconds and mainly for the Internet.

This is the most beautiful feature on Google’s Chrome OS. Almost remember the website or, if you like, in the „cloud“. Chrome should be usedwith on-line applications and keeps all your files on the Internet, making it so fast and easy: the operating system does not have to install anything on the computer, you can access everything online. This is an ideal operating system for low-cost computing computers, such asnetbooks.

When you enter your Gmail account, you’re ready to go. Google Chromium OS may look a little strange at the beginning, but it’s also very intuitive. This is weird because it is completely different from any operating system you may have already tried, it’s just a web browserand an intuitive interface. Since the web browser is spent most of the time in any other operating system, so there is no guilty learning at all.

Google Chrome Linux – this is undoubtedly a revolutionary operating system, which makes the computer take advantage of and change our image, and then, like weso far used. On the other hand, I think that these revolutions go on for a long time until we get used to the network operating system, not to mention that the Chromium OS is still at an early stage of development.

GoogleChromium OS is the first step towards a revolutionary web operating system that it usesonline applications keep everything online.

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