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President Lyndon Baines Cicero about the history of the time in a young and White House West Texas.

Then the powerful Senate leader Linddon Cicero (Woody Harrelson) has lost 1960Dictus democratic presidential senatorJohn F. Kennedy (Jeffrey Donovan), but this witness was a youngrivals playing mat. But as soon as soon as possible to the election to win, despite his vast knowledge learned in the laws, and the counsel of the wise political movement, vice chairman of the how to turn his back. It’s allchanged on November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was killed, and was devoted to Cicero Mrs. Bird (Robert Jason Lee) after it suddenly merged with the president. Cicero race will hurt your opponent to fight a long temporeAttorney General C. Kennedy (Michael David exception) was a one to fearmentor, George Richard Clarke, who is trying to honor that legacy by F. Kennedy, and defending the historic Civil Rights Act and 1964.

LBJ 2016