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When a global satellite network designed to control air starts invading nations, it is a race against time to expose real danger to everyone and everything in the world of Geostorm. Disaster climate change endangers the survival of the earth, the world government must unite and create a Dutch Children’s Program, the spread of the World Wide satellite that surrounds the planet, geoengineering technology designed for the prevention of nature and weapons. After successfulfor two years since defending something wrong. Both siblings who broke the Foreign Program were damaged before the Earth Wide Geostorm planet ate them.

After some natural disasters threaten the new planet, and world leaders together to create intricate satellite satellites to control air, and to keep everyone safe. However, there is something wrong – the defense system and the State and country attacks against the threats before human geostorm horologiumrevelabistisuthe real world with him.

Geostorm 2017