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Common habits are translated by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Vinchester, two brothers who travel to the country looking for a lost father and fighting against the evil spirit. Sam Vinchester is a law student, decided to escape from his old family – unlike his older brother, Dean. As a young man, his father had been actively involved in seeking the power of evil that was killed by his beloved wife, to hire and teach her two children, helping her to curb her revenge.They grew up as ordinary hunters, avoided the idea that he went to the university, and now enjoys a happy life with his boyfriend, Jessica and the future work promise. However, Dean remained with her dad to join her in her „hunt“. Dean goes to Sam for help when his dad disappears. Now Sam had to find him. Súa’s insight into the wisdom of John Vinchester becomes a current search after a tragic event that will disassemble all the hardships of Sam. Two brothers are bound by catastrophe and blood at workto cross the country before the horrible and horrible mayoríacreo that is more than superstition and wheat, such as the White Lady, the Indian known as Wendigo, ghost travelers who cause birds to stop working, Bloody Mary, Vampires, demons and many others

Supernatural s13e10