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PolaroidBird Fitcher is alone for your regular secondary school. He encountered a vintage Polaroid camera and later found a terrible secret. Everyone who gets their picture taken with the camera will encounter hardship and violence. Bones and friends need to fight and solve the mystery of the polaroid camera destroyed before they die.


Subtitle: Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

Public Broadcasting Date: 23 Nov 2017

Genre: Horror

Run time: No

Distributor: ImageTGV, Square Box Image

Leader: Kathryn Prescott, Madelaine Petsch, Katie Stevens

Director: Lars Klevberg

Format: 2D

Birditzer High School Students Bird Fitcher does not know that secrets are centered on mysterious Polaroid cameras, but soon those who take pictures they find are sad. Polaroid is featured on the ring and Ending veins and is a high school solitary center, Bird Fitcher that stumbles on a Polaroid vintage camera. Soon to find the camera issecret: those whose pictures are taken by responding to tragic and violent responses. The girl and her friends need to survive overnight as they grow to solve the mystery. Polaroid spears before killing them all.

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Polaroid 2017