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Rose Stone TOTALe – Creating 43113 + Language Pack + Audio Companion

Learn language normally for dynamic immersion? The Rosetta language program aims to make it easier and more effective to eliminate profiles through visual, non-literary learning. Language Rosetta Stone program aims to make learning easier and more effective by removing profiles through visual, audio and text learning. Designed by Fairfield in September 1992, Rosetta Stone agreedWest Point, NASA and more than 10,000 schools.

Designed by Fairfield Language Technology in 1992, Rosetta Stone agreed to West Point, NASA and more than 10,000 schools. The teaching method for the product experimental copying mother tongue experience by joining herself in one language 29, using pictures, voice phrases and color charts.

Training in all languages ​​begins with the fact that you will be asked to learn words as a girl. And many other words you know from the context. For example, you will see someoneA woman who eats a woman with a glass of water and writes a person who eats, a woman drinks. Then you should make several combinations of old and new words, according to the author, there is some material. In any case, the intuition and attitude perspective make up about 80% in the way of Rosetta Stone.

All functions in Rosetta Stoneumog are divided into several groups:

– Search for appropriate photo captions. Here you need a mouse to select the required picture.

– Choose the correct sentence for the image. Here you will see the optionseveral that you should click on in the right. Green buttons enable them to hear another soundtrack.

– Work under excuse. You will be asked to repeat each list of words and only give you two errors.

– Grammatical functions. Here you need to insert the exact word meaning in the correct format

The investigation takes place at the end of each theme in the form of a slide that shows the living conditions. All your answers should be discussed and do not show the scriptures that you want to say.say at that time. Unlike ordinary classes, to affect the test procedure, it is impossible to effectively move from beginning to end, that some work can not be restored.

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 7, 10 or more

Mac (Intel-based only): OS X (Today) or more

On Windows: a fast processor with K86 or Intel atom or a netbook software speed

On Mac: Intel Core Duo or fast software

1RAM of RAM or more

3 GB free disk space (per level)

Screen resolution 1024 to 768

Connectionof the broadband

Jack headphones for microphones and microphones (not included)

New Features in Rosetta Stone v5 TOTAL:

Dictionnaire update

Updated image

Brand is not games

Improved compatibility with new operating systems

Save packet languages ​​to modify language errors

Maintenance range / upgrades

New connection

Rosetta Stone TOTALe v5