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Adobe application software company that takes video and audio production pose a fake video editing to a new level.


Real-time home Editoria

– Take advantage of the new, real-time editing experience that allows them to provide feedback directly with amazing speed eating.

For example, on schedule nestable

– Take advantage of the abundance of nestable more freely and on schedule to experiment manage all projects more efficiently.

color majupengajaran

-colour tool ususaptetThe joy we come to bring a beautiful golden color saturation, and lightness for highlights, shadows, and midton; You will see the color of the whole readout instead of one; And much more.

enhanced video editing

– fully, as vivid and grade video models, editing, VST filters, track, effects and surround sound.

clinical keyboard shortcuts

– The practice of purchasing your keyboard to write correctly. Also targeted are naturally soft leverage using industry standard short Andasendiri or faciam.Et killed Educendoparticipeswith his colleagues.

editing scalable platform

– see page working with other hardware and software that supports the latest Adobe industry standards, including OHCI, Asia, AAF, and VST.

standard definition / high definition support

– import, edit, and deliver 500 HD production and OEM hardware certified by Adobe. Title content using Windows Media Encoder 9 Encode HD medium-built with adobe.

Adobe’s new integration

– unoSendiriThe integrationAdobe use your favorite applications, includingAfter Effectsr Adobe, Adobe EncoreT Books and Adobe software.

Third party hardware support

Windows XP use accelerates

– Take advantage of many processors, advanced multithreading technology, the Microsoft Windows XP system hyperthreadingIntel terbaruMenurut and strengthen the.

broad support video formats

– Import and work with MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 505, AVI, Windows Media Title 9, QuickTime format.

comprehensive audio firmamentumforma

– Import and work with WAV, WMA and MP3 audio to AIFFAs the sun and QuickTime formats.

Video’s leading resource center

– Make the audio and video content that leads to the delivery medium, broadcast format: Music 505, 400, VCD, SVCD, and the Web. The output AAF files for the communication with the lainpembelian professionalsystems.

However, the image and sequence file support

– Work with AI, PSD series, with a PSD, JPEG, TGA, a series of TGA, TIFF, TIFF the company PCX, BMP, and ordoBMP file.

In order to line 400

– Adobe implies a high-quality MPEG-2 content for distribution projectsline 400.

Adobe premier pro 7