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My Life Like Zucchini (EUFF) After my mother’s death, Icare was taken to a newborn’s house under the guidance of a policeman named Raymond. So, he says to Raymond, that he wants him to be called zucchini – the last name that gave him his last mother. Despite his struggle forChanging the place, Tsukkini finds comfort in Raymond and his new friends. Gradually, she begins to study the value of love and loyalty to lose her new family.

Language: French

Topic: English

Note: P13

Release Date: October 19, 2017

Type: Animation

Duration: 1 hour and 6 hours

Distributors:Coordinator of the Film Festival

Cast: Gaspar Schlater, Sistine Murat, Pauline Jacod, Michel Vuyermorz

Director: Claude Barras

Make: 2D

My Life As A Zucchini EUFF