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The supernatural features are opened by Jensen Axel and Jared Padaletki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers traveling the country in search of their missing father and fighting evil spirits on the road. Sam Winchester is a college student tied to a law school, determined to escape from his family past – unlike his older brother, dean. From their birth, their father ownsto find the evil forces that killed his beloved husband who recruited and trained the two young boys. Help him get revenge. They grew up as astrologers. Sam survived under the premise of going to university, and now has a happy life with his girlfriend, Jessica and a promising career in the future. Dean stayed with his father to be with a „hunt.“ Dean goes to Sam forwith help if their father is lost. Now he must meet his brother just to find it. Have a weekend tripThe exquisite John Winchester becomes an ongoing adventure for a terrible tragedy that smells every thought of a happy life for Sam. The two siblings, who are bound to their tragedy and blood mission, travel across the country, encounter dire and dangerous forces mostis believed to be nothing but superstition and legend, such as Lady in White, Indian beast known as Vendigo, Phantom passengers cause plane crashes, Bloody Mary, vampires, demons and moremany more. Van Warner Bros. television productionInc. in collaboration with Wonderland Sound and Vision, with executive producers McG (Charlie’s Angels, Ang), writer / executive producer Erik Kripke (Boogeyman) and Robert Singer (Midnight Caller).

Supernatural s12e08