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God: I was not original 2 (c) Larian training

Date issue: 09/2017 Protection: Steam

Runs: 1 type: quest

The Holy One is dead. Space is approaching. And power is hidden

It’s easy for you to get up. The Divine War begins

Choose wisely and honestly; The darkness is waiting for everyone

heart. Who are you? Small meat; royal king; a

lifeless life from the grave? Select the race and the default alphabet – o

create your own! Discover how different the world is

and what – you

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In a world where the gods are dead, you are fighting a ban on war, they have been put to deathin the Fort Forty Fort Fortress. Masters want God’s command to „cure“ compulsory. But the Commandment has its secrets. Secrets that destroy them all. If the world stays apart from God, the chaos rule. It’s time for a new god. Select a race and nature story and see how the world differs from others. Collect your party and blast your opponents with different features in a comprehensive revolutionary battlefield. Explore the largest world of Rivellon alone or with 4 players in the gamedrop-down. God: Original Sin 2 is a new experience built on the Divine engine, which has a new interface, with a new style of art and advanced roller-roll systems. Everything has made a great first return: Go anywhere you want, kill anyone, find endless ways to solve problems and collect your main RPG elements Select your original story. Choose one of the original stories that will recognize your background and personal comics. For the first time inThe game of God, he acts like Man, Lizard, Elf, Dwarf or Undead, each with a special color of knowledge. See the world and its residents respond who you are and what you did, to open new options for chats and search lines. Or create your own story by creating your character from world freelance forever. Go anywhere

Divinity Original Sin 2