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About this game:

People are in danger. The attempt of the first enemy of humanity has failed and the colonies have disappeared. The leaders of the United Nations have decided to send a team of highly qualified teams to the planet.Meridiano to find the crew and safely take home.

Meridian: Squad 22 is a real-time strategy game with athletes that focus on basic construction and tactical progress. Any unique option, tactical decision you make, the shape of your storytake the wrong path or stay on the defensive? Can you consider the life of your crew as a priority, or will you sacrifice that they do not have the grace to go?

EdeTarsoly, a prominent developer behind the elderly game teamed up with Hexany Audio, the award winning design team, to ensure that no one is unique about the fate of the Beheersen game. Squad 22 and settlers in campaign mode 10+ hours

Avoiding enemies of the Meridian planet in more than 100 missions residing on PlanetaryConquest

Controlincomparable, dynamic and fluid device

For more than an hour

Excellent sound effects brought by the winning design team

Meridian Squad 22