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GoPro Studio is a software for video editing for GoPro cameras. Its intuitive interface allows you to create sequential videos and photos (also known as time periods) with ease.

Even though the program has a camera name, you do not need a GoPro program for use

Create professional videos for a short time

GoPro Studio allows you to edit, download, and resize functions, includingalso the ability to apply effects, change brushes and add music or titles to many others. You can get them with proficient results.

In addition to this, the program also gives you templates to help you create your own video clips. Have you ever hoped to create a video that performance is synchronized with background music playback? This is the purpose of the template: tohelp you edit a professional video However, if you are an expert, the measures are strictly limited.

In this case, it’s best to do it right to edit videos In this sense, you will also enjoy GoPro Studio, even if you are a video editor. Includes all types of functions, such as white balance, parameter parameters and some extra editing options.

The appropriate interface for publishers

GoPro Studio haselegant interface, where your videos are the main stars. Other features surrounding your video are easily recognizable. From the left you will find your media materials, tamaeffect bottom chasuvideo If GoPro Studio is the first program to edit the video you are using, do not worry: the program runs on a fast but effective tutorial which explains everything you need to know.

You need to create GoPro videos

UGoProhas a small defectsStudio (for example, it is not possible to resize the program window); As a rule, it looks like a necessary program if you are a video shooter, but you have some editing skills. GoPro Studio will help you create a photo of what your friends are watching and feel the same emotions, what you feel when you accept them.

GoPro Studio 2