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When I was in school, I remembered a bunch of thumb disks bigger than I was sitting next to a CD with pride, which all fit on one disc. Dasselbe disc included Encarta, the digital encyclopedia. It seemed impossible that the whole width of human knowledge could fit on flat plastic.

Now, about 20 years later, I take it for granted and I look at the Advanced English DictionaryI think I am Yes, and? What I’m looking for, more.

As simple asABC

I can not help but distort my own cynicism. The free, extensive English-language dictionary allows me to download a gigantic, comprehensive English dictionary. It is filled with images for understanding / understanding, definitions, etymology, synonyms, and pronunciation in American and British accents that help with learning.

Each word has clickable links to others that are important for further learning, and the relationship button brings random other similar words so you can infiniteInteresting chain to send messages. If this is not enough, you can immediately open the word of the day, search and favorite favorites.


So why the Advanced English Dictionary is not longer to enjoy me? Why is this reference tool not enough to saturate the internet mind? Well, especially the display options are limited to screen and split screen views in Windows 8. While half the screen helps (it can be used as a toolwhile I’m working on the other half), it’s not flexible enough. I want a quartz screen, behind or under the program, is my main goal while I work.

The second major problem is that the search function requires spelling. Sounds like a small question, but often looking at the word is my main reason for spelling clarification. Compare this to the Google search engine, which contains an alternative (supposedly correct) spelling, as well as several definitions.

After positiveThe website, a comprehensive English dictionary is much better presented than an alternative search engine.

Simple tool

Advanced English-Polish dictionary is a very functional and great tool when you are not connected to the Internet while working. It just does not add anything to your world that no longer offers the internet.

Advanced English Dictionary 4