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A typical afternoon in the park turned into a nightmare for the lonely mother Carl Dyson (Oscar winner Halle Berry) when her son suddenly disappeared. Without a cell phone and I know that there is no time to wait for the police to help Carla jump into the car and pretended to look for a penculik.Ikuti inability, the highest disability in which Karl must risk everything to not lose her.

Mother stopped with nothing to give up the boy He was kidnapped. In the United States the child disappears every 40 seconds.You never thought it would happen to you. Although yes. Alone and frightened, Carl Dyson (Halle Berry) did not want to leave her son’s fate in the hands of others. When he sees the rush, he decides to go back. In a heart-racing race, Kate started driving fast and did not stop him from saving his son’s life.

Kidnap 2017