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Short Description: Deadly Light: This – an improved edition takes the survival of zombie parkour to an entirely new level. Enjoy the ultimate light of experience with the new Legend system, enhanced visual performance, great improvements in the game and many more.


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07/2017: ….. .. PROTECTION …….: par

1: ………. DISC (S) .. ……..: Action, RPG

Experience the inexpressible chapter of Kail Crein’s history in a wide range of the region called the city of Haran. Leave behind the urban zone and explore the dangerous terrain packed with mysteriousCharacters, destructive new weapons and unexpected tasks. Win the trust of local people and fill up the centuries-old cult that covers a dangerous secret. Take the wheel of completely rich gods for impurities, spread their zombie blood gums and experience the dying of creative brutality of Light in highSpeed.

Diing Light is the first action game to survive in a vast open world. Lutira grad spustoshanitaiamnichaiEpidemija, the cleaning of supplies and the processing of weapons for the hell by defeating the hordes of hungry enemies created a tent. At night, watch the injured, grow in strength, and moreMore deadly night predators leave their nest to feed their prey.


By supporting this, the DLC name is included in the # 0 dropout content. This is a standalone package that includes the main game and all current DLCs.

Upcoming content drops come in separate packages / DLCs.


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Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition