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Processor format is a multifunctional software converter that can convert all kinds ofvideo, audio and image files. Full, efficient and free, it must have a convertible tool.

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Before transferring files to mobile devices(Eg, iPhone, IPAD, orAndroid), consoles (PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP) or burn them down to play media on your system orsound TV, it can be benecessary, to convert them into the appropriate format for the pryladaypra question.

The model factory is an integral pieceThe softwareallows youconvert almost anyfile format. For media featuringmultiple format files, all canhandleit factory formats, including audios, videos and images, as well as a variety of options for production modelsOffered. Italso theencodingquality allows you to adjust files between low, medium and high.

With a format factory, you also get some money features, including including extracting CD DVD contents into your computer as well as videos.Option to include and audio files.

How does it work?

Converting files witha format factory, everything that happens in the left column, interface sideof. This allows you to select the type of destination(Audio, video, graphics) and the codec you want to use. Turning the video, we recommend the use of the „mobile device“ option, which will guide you in choosing the model under the device you have.

Model factoryLetsyou add files for batch conversion for convenience. A few advanced options are available, and as a result, only minimaladjustments can be done, even if it means using thatit’seasy.Full help for beginners is also available,Which can explain software.

Form Factories are also available in 62 languages, andyou can customize their interface with four different skins. For those who do not want to install it on your computer, you can download the version of the applicationThey have a USB key, for example.


If you want to convert files for play on your mobile phone, tablet, console, ACD, DVD- or e-reader, or if you are just looking for software that converts a type of file,The modelfactory is a great solution.

The format processor supports the following formats

Audio: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, MMF, AMR, M4A, M4R, OGG, WAV and WavPack


Photos: JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, PCX, and TGA

Format Factory 3