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Slender is afraid of the first game, your goal is to find only eight manuscripts from humans, not paranormal. It’s called Slender Man, which is based on the same subject, but wherever it is scary success.

Like a shadow

The main conclusion of the game, you direct contact with a man faster than your mental health. So you have to be careful not to let your opponent be too long, and remember, your flash battery is limited, because you have to shut it down from timeTo save it. In addition, the more you run, reduce your body’s tolerance, so you need to be spread out just when you want to.

Is this scared?

Canopy is well done in creating a relatively quiet atmosphere, most asnovnae.On feel like you are just a chimney and the sound of crickets, when you look through the lost forest manuscripts. However, the purpose of collecting all 8 texts is very limited and takgeympley is limited.

Simple game controls: Mouse – around W, A, S D – MoveLeft Shift – SprintClick – select right mouse button-FlashlightQ E – increase / decrease technical problem

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Asasli was originally released, many sequels of different quality qualities. We check them unanimouslyRusifikatar see someone who is not afraid to check that they accept:


Slender games are a terrible fear is worth a try or not hear what you are about to attack against someone.


BolshGulnyasubTitle („eight“) to distinguish models in the future.

Upgrade the menu, and add music to it. Now also includes links to multiple people, and organizing YouTube.

Added various light sources (unlocked after game once).

Adding movies (especially accurate, except fora).

Your jogging speed is now gradually increasing, as many are collected.

Heat elimination for adnavlennyatsyagavitasts after jogging / running, endurance and reduced consumption. once

HeStart walking / running, however, immediately take 5% of your patience. This will allow you to jog or

SpryntNa for a very long period of time, but be warned several times for jogging / running buttons make your patience

In order to fill quickly (effectively get rid of former exploit).

Maximum distance can be reduced if you collect more; This task to keep the same kind

For the fog closed. For the same reason, the term having removed can not be closed.

AddedMenu option to automatically skip the instructions.

Added functionality of the time, but you can not stop it when it’s present (which prevents you from stopping the game

Responding to extreme men).

Fixed the bug switch to try to turn on one outer wall.

Clear hidden mode (This is just a matter of time, because it’s copyrighted material).

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0