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Pro Evolution Soccer 2001 (PES) played in the first match. Aaron, my friend, and I won 1-0. He then won 2-1 1-0 victory, and then luck the next wins 6-1. He did not get the point, I have a goal on paper. From this time on the floor and the old Aaron happy to see a person new experience and new and better with eachYear by year. So I like PES. I like a lot.

There are two types of players, those who want to test real football and people who play FIFA. In fact, they got the first game, keep in mind that there are no „big“ notes. But we have to play faster the ball is a little thinner and wonderfulSet of changes Now in 2008 Teamvision is Pro Evolution Soccer. „

„Teamvision’Pro Evolution Soccer is the main news and computers in the latest edition of“ Artificial Intelligence „is a kind of entertainment to adapt and respond. Well, now, as a player in the game of Kenny Dalglish you have to play and win the game, we mustWere learning what you owe to your opponent. Defenders and goalkeepers and players react to the risk of heart attack dieteBaloia, Pro Evolution Soccer is a unique skin, four blue, four mistakes or not, it seems small. RównieżDodkowo, players and targets of the most famous stars and managersUnpopular You can also get a wide range of lying edits if you are still sick.

The retail version of Pro Evolution Soccer was released in November 2008. One more year to overcome all your friends you feel happy.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008