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Sopcast – is an application that allows you to watch TV channels online for free and broadcast your own. It uses technology to peer (P2P) peer, so you do not need large bandwidth or streaming via P2P is bodgall servery.Krasota anyone broadcast anything they want, by making it a highly democratic. Two programs previously mentioned are good examples of techniques in place, but Sopcast (due to so called «SoP» is an acronym for «Streaming over P2P»)perhaps even better oherwyddpozvolyaetVy it easy transliruetetheir own channels.

Easy to install

The latest version of Sopcast almost no obvious interface changes, so it’s still extremely easy to use. when you gosodgofynnir for you if you want to install the search bar, you can cancel by clicking the check box. When you run Sopcast, you can log in either anonymously or if you plan to configure your own channel, create your own account usingcyswlltNADH. When you walk into Sopcast, click on the tab Channels Live to see the list of channels. The first thing you notice- this is the number of channels to choose from. Everything to do with obscure Chinese channels as Discovery Channel Channel (although, again, you will find many orhaglenni, dubbed or subtitled in Chinese). Some channels Sopcast are arranged, for example, news and sports, but these categories can be unreliable, and below – go prostorasshifrovka.

Popupscreen TV

ffenestrSopcast channel pops up from the player, but you can expand to full screen or export to Windows Media Player using the vision controls on thepanel. This really is separated from the rest of the application Sopcast P2P streaming TV. If you amdefnyddiwch another media player (eg, VLC Player), you can do so by clicking on „Settings“ at the bottom of the main interface.

Transfer programs themselves

However, a major attempt to Sopcast, and the reason why manyo’isianeli looks like shredded mess, it’s the fact that you can broadcast your channel itself on it. Once your program has been filmed, edited and downloaded to your computer, all you have to dois send via Sopcast and select the server address, people can connect and watch

The quality depends on other users

broadcast quality depends heavily on the SopCastBudet number of people connected (the more users, the faster the video stream) .Gallwch evencreate your own channel and decide what your users can view by creating a network group, will allow you to run your own personal TV channel in Sopcast.


Maybe Sopcast appear ychydigddryslyd for the first user, but, despite the dominance of Chinesechannels, it provides a new world of TV for viewing. kakoyBolee addition, it allows you to start your channel yourself!


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SopCast 4.0