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MyPaint is fast, easy to use application for digital painting. This allows quick sketching or complex artistic drawings directly on your PC.

The best is MyPaint for simplicity and ease of use. There are no complicated menus and the interface is very simple, almost minimalistic. You can concentrate on the canvas and let your inner artystyBez interference.

MyPaint contains many different brushes, clear in different categories. You can also have every brush in the smallestDetail and easily create new categories. Each brush supplies a different result on the screen, always trying to imitate the actual material: oil paint, watercolor, charcoal, counter, acrylic, etc.

Równieżjeśli you can use it with a standard mouse, MyPaint is intended for use with a graphical tablet because it supports different forms of pressure, feeling too realistic, feels like Maleerei.

MyPaint is an excellent editor that makes it easy for you to draw large drawingsOr quick sketches.

MyPaint supports the following formats


MyPaint 0.9