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After being forced to leave the Marshall College, Indy connects forces with the rebellious young Mutt who believes he knows about the place of the archaeological discoveries of the most spectacular in history – The Crystal Skull Akator, the object of charm is legends, superstitions And fear, but like Indi andMatt went to more distant areas of Peru – the land of ancient graves, forgotten researchers and rumored city of gold – they quickly realize that they have not done their searches. SovietAgen is very hot in the way of a crystal skull. The main among them is the manic, very beautiful Irina Spalko, whose elite militaryPart to explore the world of the crystalline skull, which, in their opinion, can help the Soviets dominate the world – if they could reveal secrets. Indy and Matt must find a way to fool the Tips, follow the imperceptible mysterious trail, fight the enemies and friends with dubious morals,And, above all, prevent a powerful Crystal Skull of the hands kejatuhan.Kesamim lethal.

Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull 2017