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Each computer has problems and laptopgamers at the moment with gamepads. Usually Windows or identify specific game or approach buttons do. Xpadder the answer to this misery through pads that would be more consistent and even provides ways to use your books for other tasks.

An independent solution gamepad

Xpadder coded softwareontwikkelaar.Hoewel independent he is free, it’s cheap and your money will go towards the continual improvements. A primaireFunctie of Xpadderywto customize keyboard and mouse actions to the buttons on your gamepad. For example, the X pad printing, the computer may suspect that you have left the number 3 on your keyboard. Some games do not support pads, but supports key keypad buttons, so this software produces the problem directly. Works with Windows 10 to XP, it is ideal if you have an Xbox or have soortgelykekontroleerder, but is struggling to make it work.

Clever easyto use and surprisingly handy

The thing is that it does not use gwychYnglŷn Xpadder games stop. You can get the keys to your padknop down to the media controls on your computer to your way into remote control. For the cost, it is a very useful piece of equipment and uses visuelegidse your boss super easy to do.

Xpadder 2015.01