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PAYDAY 2 is a game for the first person-oriented game with a combined mode. The goal is to make quick robberies, looting, or a planned mafia mission (which you must kill someone or protect a person) while trying to avoid holding the power of the police. This game isisan heritageThe first Payday: The Heist, which is known to be successful at one time. This version enhances many negative aspects and broadens the experience of the flow of new ideas.

Bigger innovations EST

Despite the fact that the basis for more PAYDAY 2 rinmagkapareho (robbery of total 4 players), different missions were higher in comparisonWith the first game. There are not only imperceptible missions; Mafia will also interfere with and offer you an interesting mission to protect, extortion and murder.

Ilanmisyon is divided for a few days. Each of them has its own goals and results each day can change appointment the next day or even otmenitMissiya.The feeling of being in the movie about robbery times outstrips, and some of the pre-planning requirements of the kinakailangankung would be able to make it a great court.

All missions are controlled from a new network in the game. It’s just a room wherever you choose and enter the mission you want to do. The system offersWith random links misyonmga and variables. All you have to do is sign in or join an already-created group of robbery. The system operates deystvitelnoChto Well; With new and exciting missions every few seconds, and once they have enough players to participateIn people who play Larosa or about to start.

There are only 11 different types of missions, but a variable is created, which makes it more user-friendly.

No matter what you do, it’s almost never ending up walanglabanan without looting. 99% of the robberies ending in the shooting police, and alwaysAvoid slozhnyy.Mnogie mission is virtually impossible to reach, do not watch and monitor the situation, since the AI ​​maps and force you to use brute force.

When the shooting begins, PAYDAY2 becomes a bit weak, the game action. And all this because of the very limited police and special forces II. When they attackFor us, they are like robots along the lines drawn on the floor. They do not have any strategy, no improvisation. Repeating several missions is usually hulaanpolitseyskihReydy, as well as where they appear. In addition, if the mission fails, it will not happen, because the enemy is good to useTactics to stop you, but because they are wearing a player with an infinite number of troops.

Despite the generous growth of great mercy, Payday 2 is that part of the collaboration. If you can play with friends or strangers, everyone knows the main goals and risks, and everyoneDefends its position and plunders coordination. Eton saying no word. In this sense, Payday 2 is great.

Skilled craftsmanship

When executing a mission, you will earn money and gain experience. With them you can unlock skills, as well as the best weapons and equipment that you have to buy. The bestThe equipment you are obviously magpapabutipangdadahas, but the amount of money and experience you need in order for your team to be very large. PAYDAY 2 requires dedication and many igrRasshirit of its arsenal and skills. This may be the main obstacle for new players who are frustrated, they could not lamangmakakuhaBonuses during the first hour of the game.

PAYDAY 2 is managed, just like any other first-person game. The most interesting thing about it is a door opening system, locking or interacting with the environment: it uses a series of icons that let the player know what he / she can doOr where it can stand. Direct and functional.

PAYDAY 2 looks good, but it’s not a perfect example of a visual one. The game is optimized to work properly on the network, so that connection damage is the graphicsHindi load, but not large objects such as objects or bullets are destroyed to destroy chaos in scenery.


PAYDAY2 is an improvement and optimization of the idea was originally katunayanmabuti. This is not an ideal game, and the AISlishkom Armor Area is important to go further. But PAYDAY 2 is a continuation of a book that surpasses its predecessor in all aspects. If you like the first one, you will love it.